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Arctic Stud Poker Cheats

Arctic Stud Poker

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: jothish babu kerala eranakulam

I'am so lucky:
The following Secret Incantations may be chanted during gameplay:
Hit "T" to talk, then Type the Incantation as shown above, then 
hit "Enter". NOTE that Only the Winner of the previous Run can Cast 
Secret Incantations!

Code              Effect
Cast MaxGas     - Gas Items now give 4X Turbo.
Cast MaxEat     - Food Items now give 4X Stamina .
Cast MaxPup     - All Powerups in every Crate.
Cast MaxGun     - All Bullets now do double damage.
Cast MaxTnt     - All TNT now does double damage.
Cast No Bounty  - Disables All Bounties.
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