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Aufschwung Ost Cheats

Aufschwung Ost

The Money-Offsets are in the Savegames(Folder GAMES):

0013 = Allgemein
2B8F = Brandenburg
2C47 = Cottbus
2CFF = Eisenach
2DB7 = Frankfurt/Oder
2E6F = Goerlitz
2B33 = Berlin
2BEB = Chemnitz
2CA3 = Dresden
2D5B = Erfurt
2E13 = Gera
2F27 = Jena
2FDF = Magdeburg
3097 = Plauen
314F = Rostock
3207 = Stralsund
32BF = Weimar
3377 = Wittenberg
2F83 = Leipzig
303B = Neubrandenburg
30F3 = Potsdam
31AB = Schwerin
3263 = Suhl
331B = Wismar
33D3 = Zwickau

For the maximum change the Offset to FF FF FF.
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